Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Christmas Basket Raffle WINNERS!

The students joined in the gymnasium for an excitement filled raffle draw.  We raised a total of $2900 to assist with the purchase of a new sound system and a donation to the St. Vincent de Paul Society.  Many thanks to the Sacred Heart community for the generous support.  Amidst the singing of Christmas Carols, students picked the winners of the beautiful baskets.  Miss Johnson was the terrific host of the event and  Christmas Spirit echoed in the hallways. 
Basket Winners include:
Craft: Mollie Spittal
Christmas: Reid Gravalese
Spices: Denzel San Jacob
Baking: Yvette Purdi
Kitchen: Adam Soufan
Read & Relax: Mina Azar
Tea: George Zora
Art: Jacob Faddoul
Kitchen: Mary Vigneux
Pasta: Delia Caruso
Baking: Karly Coe
Sports: Mrs. Battaglini
Game Night: Dominic D'Alessandro
Candy: Juliana Csoli
Game Night: Nathan Agostinis
Craft: Emily Molleco
Coffee & Treats: Mason Bolge
Movie Night: Emmanuel Zoa
Company is Coming: Iza Sarapata
Beauty: MJ Prieur
Ice Cream: Alic Coonan
Please see photos of some of the winners below.

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