Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Our Grade 5 Mayor

As part of the Grade 5 Social Studies curriculum, the children learned about local government. In Miss Bratt's grade five class, some of the students volunteered to run for class Mayor.  Five volunteer candidates ran.  Strong competition for the position ensued.   Olivia became the elected Mayor for her class.  Please see a few points she enclosed in her speech as she sought election from her peers.

  • I will lower taxes for everyone, so that they will have a little more money to spend on their families.
  • I plan to hire more police officers to help keep LaSalle safe for everyone.
  • I will add more street lights to help keep LaSalle safe.
  • I plan to find volunteers that will help build homes for those people who do not have a safe home to live in.
  • I will organize more can drives to help feed people who are hungry.
Great learning Grade Fives!   
Congratulations Olivia!  
Our LaSalle Community will be enriched with such well informed citizens.

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