Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Using Technology to Discover about the French Language

 Why did I like about the QR code activity ?
  • - It was like an Easter egg hunt
  • - Is was  super fun because we had to get up and go look for information instead of having it in front of us
  • - I liked it because instead of copying off the board we got to to it our selves and look around
What did it help you learn?
  • - It helped my learn the meaning of the word because I had to find it
  • - Now I know most of the words I was going to have to study for the test
  • - It helped my spell the French words better
What did you notice about your class today?
  • -I noticed everyone very focused
  • -It is usually very loud in our class and it was quieter because everyone was working
  • -People helping each other
Check out how engaged we are while learning about Canada's other official language!

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