Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Ash Wednesday.... As Lent begins....

A Lenten Thought . . . 
We can look upon Lent as a journey.
Think about the journeys we take - long journeys that can take days, even weeks to complete.
Journeys have their ups and downs.  We don't really expect them to go smoothly.  If we are going to drive across the country, we expect a few car problems, some bad weather, some detours, some missed connections and so forth.  We prepare for those things and we deal with them as they come up.
Oftentimes, when people go along the journey of Lent, and something goes wrong (for example, they break their Lenten resolution), they cash it in and think that their Lenten observance is ruined.  But it would be a lot better to deal with the journey of Lent the way we deal with every other long and sometimes difficult journey.
I don't expect Lent to be a perfect journey.  It will have its ups and downs.  But I can make it a good journey.  I can make a good start and deal with the breakdowns and disappointments along the way.
My goal is Easter, and right now it's a long way off.  I'm ready for a long journey and I'll deal with whatever comes my way.

Please view a wonderful video to support the beginning of this time of growth to become closer to Jesus.
What is Lent? / Kerry Weber

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