Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Bullying Awareness Week

Students and Staff at Sacred Heart maintain a commitment to building friendships, loving one another and striving towards developing strong and positive communication skills.  We have began two school wide projects that highlight this duty.

                                                   One Person Can Make a Difference
Teachers and students have been sending down the names and good deeds of school members that have made a difference in someone's day. Mrs.Vivier announces these names and deeds on the morning announcements.  Sentiments of "I heard your name on the announcement this morning,"  "My sister's name was on the announcements," "That's my name!" can be heard amongst the students.

The Power of Prayer
We know that prayer is powerful!  The board is open for staff and students to write prayer intentions and our Sacred Heart School Community will include these intentions in our prayers.

Posters from Mr. DeZorzi's Grade 4 Students
Students share their thinking about the best way to treat and care for others.

Sacred Heart CSAC
The CSAC received some information from our board regarding Cyberbullying.
Internet safety, social media privacy and cyberbullying has continued to be dominant issues facing parents and children today. Parents often indicate they are in need of more "how to" instructions to support their quest to protect their children from online dangers and issues that arise with social media. The links below are provided through WECDSB and the Parent Involvement Committee provide parents with step by step instructions to secure privacy setting for a variety of social media platforms and internet use and set passwords, block inappropriate websites and other safety controls surrounding the use of technology.

Main Channel:

Individual video links:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:

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