Thursday, 11 December 2014

Nerdie Birdies

The Sacred Heart Nerdie Birdies took flight again this past Saturday. They competed in the  2nd annual FLL Robotics Competition at St. Clair College. The field this year was 24 teams strong. The theme of this year's competition was World Class Learning. The challenge was to come up with an innovative approach to teaching. Our Nerdie Birdies come up with a great idea, put it into practice, and then presented it on Saturday in front of a panel of judges. They also had to present their robot design and participate in a core values surprise challenge. They spent the afternoon running our robot through various missions to accumulate points. All in all it was a successful day. We finished in the middle of the pack but improved on our showing from last year. Way to go Nerdie Birdies!
Check out this link to see our robot in action:

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