Monday, 25 August 2014

Grade 3 Information

Welcome To Grade 3

Dear Parents,

We are happy to welcome your children into our classrooms and are looking forward to a great year.  Listed below are supplies it is suggested your child have for school.  Please label everything that your child brings to school.

                *      2 large boxes of kleenex tissue
                *      A pair of non-marking running shoes to be left at school
                *      A large school bag
                *      1 pack of lined paper
                *      1 pack of 3 ring plain paper
                *      Coloured pencils (sharpened) and markers (no crayons),
                        high lighters optional
                *      1 large pencil box
                *      2 glue sticks and a bottle of white glue
                *      Large pencil case
                *      Pencils (already sharpened) and erasers
                *      A pair of scissors
                *      1 small bag of large size zip-lock bags (unlabelled)
                *      30 cm ruler (please be able to see the numbers)  
               *        An inexpensive solar calculator
                *       Duotangs - please label them clearly ( on the front
                        cover) with your child's name and the subject.   Using
                        specific colours makes it easy for the children to locate
                        their books.  Staples sells a wide variety of colours.  
                        Please see the back of this page for a detailed list.

*******No liquid white out!

Looking forward to seeing you in September!
The Grade 3 Teachers


# NEEDED                        COLOUR                  LABEL

1                                       Yellow                  1 Word Study

1                                       Grey                            Language

1                                       Red                             Reading

1                                       Red                             Writing

1                                       Green                   Science

1                                       Purple                  Social Studies

1                                       Black                          Music/Media

1                                       White                   Health

1                                       Orange                  Religion

4                                       Blue                            Math

**REMEMBER TO LABEL duotangs**

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