Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Sacred Heart School Fundraiser

Sacred Heart needs your support.  We're kicking off our annual fundraiser on March 17th.  We need to raise $8000 for computer software, field trips and for indoor and outdoor athletic equipment.  This year, we are selling WORLD'S FINEST NUT-FREE CHOC BOX an assortment of 30 items; they sell for $2.00 each, taxes included.

* Each student must return with the permission slip signed and how many boxes they want to sell before receiving any chocolate.
* Put student's name, grade and teacher's name on money envelope.
* Students will receive one box at a time.
* Make cheques payable to Sacred Heart School - CSC
* Do not allow children to sell by going door-to-door alone, focus your efforts on family, friends and people you know at work.

MARCH 17th - Fundraiser Begins
MARCH 31st - Fundraiser Ends
Students have 2 weeks to SELL, SELL and SELL!

Please return forms to Sacred Heart School by March 5th.  Chocolate bars will go home on March 17th, 2014.

*For every box of chocolates sold students will receive 3 tickets to put into the prize of their choice.  Prizes included gift cards, toys, sports equipment, and various gift baskets.
*The top two selling families will each win a Cineplex Family Night Out gift pack.
* Top selling classes will get to share a 5lb chocolate bar.  1 for JK to grade 3 and 1 for grades 4 to 8.

Thank you for helping our students reach their full potential at Sacred Heart School.

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