Friday, 30 August 2013


Did you know that "Literacy", like all language learning begins at birth?  It is a continuous process beginning in the home with you as a parent, playing a key role as the guide along the road.

Please take a moment to read the benefits of reading to your child on a daily basis:

  • Reading leads to internalization and interests in books;
  • Reading increases a desire to read;
  • Reading frees students from decoding handicaps, allowing them to concentrate on understanding the story;
  • Reading improves listening skills;
  • Reading exposes children to a variety of literary styles, which they may experiment with when writing;
  • Reading promotes understanding of story elements: characters, settings,
problem/adventures and conclusion/endings;
  • Reading introduces children to information about their world;
  • And most importantly, story time is an opportunity to curl up together and enjoy each other's company!!
Please read to your child on a daily basis.  You will soon recognize the fruits of your labours!

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