Tuesday, 27 August 2013

First Day of School Protocol:

Designated Areas for the first day of school:

If the weather is cooperative:
1) Grades 4 to 8 meet in court yard, yard B. The grades will be posted on the wall. Students are
to meet at their grade level.
2) Grades 1 to 3 will meet in the gym with teachers. The grade levels will be posted on the
wall. Students please stand near their grade number. Teachers will have the rosters and will
call out the names.
3) SK will meet in the JK/SK penned in are. SK students will hopefully already have been
notified either by phone or by synervoice as to who their teacher will be.
4) Dismissal for JK and SK will be from the penned in area. At dismissal parents will wait
outside for their children.
5) JK staggered start, parents come in with the students on their day.

Rain Procedures:
1) If it rains, grade 6, 7 and 8 will meet in the senior hall, grade 5 will meet in the library and
grade 4 will meet in the gym with the grade 1, 2 and 3's. SK will meet in the JK/SK classroom
2) Hope you all had a restful summer and are eager and ready to return to school.
3) Also a reminder that school starts at 8:25 am . Five extra minutes to sleep in!

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